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The Guide

Teaching and Learning Languages: A Guide can be downloaded as a single PDF or Word document, or it may be more conveniently viewed online by accessing each chapter file individually.

Teaching and Learning Languages: A Guide.pdf [ 2.3 MB ]

Teaching and Learning Languages: A Guide.doc [ 660 KB ]

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Table of Contents

adobe pdf icon gapFront matter [ 193 KB ]

adobe pdf icon gap1. Orientation of the Guide [ 962 KB ]

Using the Guide
Developing a personal, professional ‘stance’

Working with complexity and change
Understanding contemporary contexts

adobe pdf icon gap2. Language, culture and learning [ 1 MB ]

What is language?
What is culture?
Understanding learning
Understanding language learning
Intercultural language learning

adobe pdf icon gap3. Teaching and learning [ 986 KB ]

Classroom interactions
The nature of interactional language
Tasks and task-types
Student engagement
The diversity of learners and their life-worlds
Scaffolding learning
Technologies in language teaching and learning

adobe pdf icon gap4. Resourcing and materials [ 956 KB ]

The purposes of resources
Selecting resources
Authentic resources
Adapting resources
Contemporary resources
Using resources critically
Relating resources to each other
Learners as resources
Developing a resource bank

adobe pdf icon gap5. Assessing [ 988 KB ]

The purposes of assessment
The assessment cycle

adobe pdf icon gap6. Programming and planning [ 939 KB ]

Planning language programs
Long-term and short-term planning
Planning interactions
Personalising learning experiences

adobe pdf icon gap7. Evaluating language programs [ 926 KB ]

Evaluation for program renewal
Evaluation in context
Purpose and scope of evaluation
Evaluation as inquiry

adobe pdf icon gap8. Developing a professional learning culture [ 934 KB ]

Commitment to growth and development
Creating a culture of professional learning
Contexts of a professional learning culture
Collaborating for a professional learning culture

adobe pdf icon gap9. Further resources [ 747 KB]

adobe pdf icon gap10. References [ 753 KB ]