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About the Guide

Teaching and Learning Languages: A Guide and the associated resources found on this website were developed by the Research Centre for Languages and Cultures at the University of South Australia for the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.

The Guide is provided as a resource for languages teachers to use in reflecting on languages education and their role as languages teachers, and in thinking about their programs and pedagogies in relation to contemporary educational understandings and contexts. It invites teachers to think about the content, process and outcomes of their work in teaching and learning, and in assessment. It emerges from recent work by members of the languages teaching profession: teachers and researchers based in classrooms, schools and universities.

The Guide is available as a printed document, and also in PDF format to download from this website.

This website contains examples that illustrate how the teachers have put in place the ideas contained in the Guide.

While these examples can be looked at on their own, it is probably more useful to have a look at the section 'Using the Guide', where the examples are integrated with the text of the Guide.